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        • SUNYILG 2017 Munich Shanghai electronic exhibition was a complete success

          In March 16th, the sixteenth Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair closed in Shanghai. As the leading electronics industry in Asia, it attracted more than 1200 exhibitors from 20 countries

        • SUNYILG construction projects were approved by the environmental protection and water authority

          Recently, SUNYILG won the Shenzhen Baoan District environmental protection and water authority issued a "deep Halo Water grant" [2017] No. 200165 construction projects in Shenzhen environmental impact review approved

        • Guangdong ocean university delegation to our company to visit the guidance

          In February 18, 2017, the delegation of Guangdong Ocean University visited our company. Mr. Feng Baihua, the general manager of our company, received warm reception. The two sides started further exchanges on the mode of industry university research cooperation In the discussion exchange, our company introduced the R & D team to the delegation of Guangdong Ocean University, presented the latest research and development of products, the advantages of equipment in the industry and our customers for our products evaluation. To the Secretary on the strategic thinking determines the development of enterprises and the future pattern of technological innovation in the enterprise development in the decisive the role of original and incisive insights.

        • SUNYILG 2016 Annual meeting will end successfully

          The afternoon of January 14, 2017, Shenzhen City 31 Lianguang intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd 2016 annual summary and commendation congress, in the 31 Lianguang activity room was successfully held. The meeting on "team sharing sharing, passion achievements dream" as the theme, 31 people and guests gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival.

        • Trip to yunnan

          In September 23, 2016 31, the family launched a two day trip to Yunnan. This is a journey of Enlightenment of emancipating the mind, long-term exploration, is a strength and innovation journey. Not only broaden our horizons, strengthen our mission of "continuous manufacturing equipment"!